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Welcome to the Joker Tone Course Site

Welcome to the
Joker Tone Course Site

I am pretty happy that you found your way to the Joker Tone Course site through the crowded World Wide Web.

If you want to get into recording and mixing your music or want to expand your first production skills, you are at the right spot.

This site is at it is very beginning and will static grow with you together.

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This site is made for you...

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Writing songs for yourself or other artists and need the skills to produce presentable recordings.

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Solo Artist

Make the next production step and produce your music independently while focusing on the artist’s presentation.

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Homerecording Creators

Music is your passion and you want to make your feelings audible.

Producing Music Is A Joyful Gift

Learn how to produce your music creatively and comfortably in your given home environment.

The Joker Tone Course was built up and structured to the needs of creating audible art that stands out and sets a milestone in your musical life.

I will help you right from the first idea of songwriting, lead you through all stages of audio production, and support you with helpful tools, inspiring content, and personal experiences.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You don’t know which step to take next

  • You are overwhelmed by all the “tactics and secrets”

  • You are unsatisfied with the results of your productions

  • You are unsure if you could be good enough to produce yourself

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You can already gain profit from the free guidance of the blog. Additionally, you can receive the weekly mailing list with helpful content and news from this webspace.

I want to offer you the best and simplest solution to enter the do-it-yourself approach for your song and audio production. For that reason, I put all my personal experience of 20 years of making and producing music into this site.

Joker Tone Course


Production Definition

Create a killer sound? – What is the meaning?
Sound professional? – Is that synonym for quality?

Creative Production

Organize all the needed tasks.
Create a structure out of chaos.


Make your song stand out? — Great but how?
Focusing on the core production elements at first.


Enhancing your artistic talent.
Reveal what you need to learn to do the next step.

About the Joker Tone Course

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Who I am

My Name is Niels, and I have been making music since 2000. I started with my music production journey some years later and also sang and played in different local bands in Germany.

Within the last 20 years, I had the pleasure of working together with incredible and creative people. I had the chance to expand my horizons at a musical and audio production academy, and also worked and played in recording studios.

I learned how to pimp my home recording places, and lately built my music and audio production rooms into my house.

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Joker Tone Course

I know both sides of the microphone, and also the importance of being technically focused and creatively free at the same time to produce music that is a mirror of my nature.

At my first steps inside the music production, I faced plenty of problems. Even with the technical possibilities of today, the main kind of them are still there when you start this journey.

This is the reason I sat down and brought my personal experience into this project – the Joker Tone Course.

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