"How to know your song is finished?"

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The problem with finishing songs

  • Have you ever been stuck on writing your song and finishing the production?
  • You are not able to close the production stage of new songs?
  • You work on your own and don’t have the opportunity to gain constructive feedback from known music members?
  • You don’t know where you are with your song and when you can call it „finished “?

How this worksheet will help you

Identify problems and give them a name

Identify problems in all stages of music production and analyze your situation

Back on track with the MST Solution

Stop the delay inside your production and get back on track to reach your goal with the MST Solution.

Finish your songs with a good feeling

Finish the song you will be proud of, feel good to listen to it yourself and show the world what you have done with passion and confidence.

This worksheet is made for you

  • Logical Layout Script
  • Short Explanations
  • Focus on Bullet Points
  • Easy to work through
  • Finishing songs with a better feeling

Includes a checklist with 40+ non-complex questions, that will help you to get back on production.

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